5 advertising trends in 2021

5. Customized advertising 

Also known as personalized advertising, this is a form of advertising that is customized to be visible to each target audience you are targeting. Customers tend not to like being exposed to generic ads, they perceive that something personalized is more attractive and appealing to them – this is something businesses should take advantage of in 2021. . Another example of personalized advertising is the increasing use of 1-to-1 videos. These are personalized video messages that brands and businesses send to their customers instead of using the old fashioned approach of emails and random calls.

4. Video advertising 

Video advertising is no longer a stranger in the market, but with the continuous development of the Internet, smartphones and technology in general, this type of advertising will most likely continue to be one of the digital advertising trends. next year’s biggest digital. 

With this type of advertising, several new types of promotion are likely to appear in 2021. Livestream will be one of them as real-time live streaming is becoming more popular with each passing. day, opening the door for businesses to discover more about advertising through this type of content. With the emergence of a large amount of content available online, people are becoming less and less exposed to exposure. with videos or business presentations. They want information that is as direct, fast, and concise as possible. With the advent of TikTok and Instagram Reels, short-form, easy-to-make, easy-to-watch videos are expected to be more popular than ever in 2021. 

3. Mobile advertising

Mobile advertising is guaranteed to be one of the major trends in the coming year. Especially with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, brands know that people are spending more time connected to smartphones and mobile devices than ever before. As such, we can expect businesses to appear more in those extensions and increase investment in mobile advertising. The ‘Story’ ad format is becoming increasingly popular. so popular that not only appear on Snapchat, but Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and most recently LinkedIn and YouTube have also applied. However, now brands and users can do more than just post 15-second stories 15 seconds. With Instagram allowing users to create their own filters and share those filters for everyone to use, brands can now build fun and engaging experiences for their customers. 

Instagram story ads are becoming more popular than ever – Photo: Duolingo story ads

In addition, advertising in the game is also growing, this is not strange if you have played mobile-game  before. While being forced to watch a 30-second commercial to continue your favorite game can be a bit annoying, it’s certainly one of the most common moves that game developers and brands make. cooperate with each other to maintain free games. Therefore, this will likely continue to be the advertising trend of businesses in 2021. Based on Statista’s data, the three instant messaging apps WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and WeChat have a combined total of more than 4 billion monthly active users, of which WhatsApp alone is currently circulating about 100 billion messages per day, according to a share from Mark Zuckerberg. With these figures in mind, we can expect businesses from various sectors to start pouring more budget into app advertising investment, exposing consumers to products and services. of brands through frequent use of communication apps to chat with family and friends.

2. Display advertising:

Ad banners and liquid skins are a new trend in visual ads, the combination of video in banner ads is popular at the moment. current and there is evidence that it significantly increases customer engagement. For example, as Bannerflow reports, display ads with video can increase CTR (click-through rate) by more than 15%. 

This form of advertising allows marketers to collect information from visits to previous websites and then present customized ads, highlighting what matters to them in the future. next website visit. This approach is often referred to as “Remarketing” and is expected to be one of the major advertising trends in 2021.

1. Programmatic delivered through AI (Programmatic delivered through AI)

The biggest advertising trend that will be revealed in 2021 is probably the explosion of programmatic advertising through artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the purchase of ads. This allows brands to target more specific audiences. Also, as the range of channels used to reach customers grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage than. Managing programmatic platforms through AI solves this problem as they use targeted signals and real-time adjustments for individual ads or campaigns across any given channel.&nbsp ;On this type of advertising, interesting trends such as the use of search engines and voice commands for commercial purposes, the introduction of Blockchain technology (distributed database information storage level) or 5G network is likely to explode in 2020. According to a report by Kai Sulkowski from Dmexco, about 40% of people use voice search engine for purpose. individuals also use this search in their work.

This can set expectations for brands to be more interested in developing voice applications for use on virtual assistants. In this way, Alexa or Siri will help customers contact businesses more easily and often, enhancing communication and engagement between the two parties. This is a golden time for advertisers, by using relevant and customer-specific content, they have more opportunities to talk to each potential target audience now and in the future. 2021 promises to be a bright year, so take advantage of the most advanced advertising technologies for maximum effectiveness.

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