Indoor advertising LED screens are classified in the group of digital outdoor advertising screens (DOOH). Thanks to its attractive advantages, indoor LED advertising screens are currently being sought after by many brands and are expected to develop extremely strongly in the coming years.

In this article, let’s find out with Bus Media what is an indoor LED advertising screen, the advantages of indoor LED screen advertising, the notes to deploy an effective indoor LED advertising campaign. results, stay up to date with the latest indoor LED advertising quotes and admire some of the most beautiful and impressive indoor LED displays.

Discover what is indoor advertising LED display?

In recent years, digital advertising screens are no longer a strange name in the media world. Many businesses tend to use digital advertising screens (DOOH) to promote their products and services to consumers. Some typical types of DOOH screens include outdoor LED screens, indoor advertising LED screens, advertising video walls…

màn hình LED quảng cáo trong nhà

Digital advertising screen at the mall (Project by Unique OOH)

In which, indoor advertising LED screens with outstanding advantages are always the first choice of businesses when they want to reach many target customer groups. So what is indoor LED advertising screen?

Indoor LED advertising screens (also known as indoor LED screens) are understood as large LED screens installed in easy-to-observe locations inside public places such as airports. , railway stations, supermarkets, commercial centers, hospitals, cinemas… to reach out to a large number of potential customers.

màn hình LED quảng cáo trong nhà

Advertising LED billboards installed at the airport

Currently, the most popular indoor LED indoor advertising screens can be mentioned as LED screens P1, P2, P2.5, P3, P4, P5 with outstanding advertising broadcast capabilities, high larger resolution than outdoor LED advertising screen.

However, because it is installed in a closed space and exposed to the viewer at close range, the brightness of indoor LED screens is usually less than 2000 cd/m2, water resistance and anti-glare is also lower. compared to outdoor LED.

màn hình LED quảng cáo trong nhà

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