Bamboo Airways is a “young” airline with the mission of connecting tourist lands on the S-shaped strip of land, raising the image of the country and Vietnamese people on the international map. Bamboo Airways begins its journey of spreading wings, with cooperation with the world’s leading brands in the field of aviation. Attracting the attention of customers by the beautiful image of both facilities and staff, many brands’ advertising campaigns on Bamboo Airways have achieved success beyond expectations.
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Why should you choose to advertise on Bamboo Airways:

– Bamboo Airways of FLC Group has been officially licensed to operate since July 2018. With the development orientation to become the first 5-star airline according to Skytrax standards, the customer segment that this airline focuses on serving is mainly tourists – people with stable incomes with a need to buy goods. shopping, spending variety.
– Transporting more than 3 million passengers with the leading average punctuality rate of the entire aviation industry in Vietnam in 2019 reaching 94.1%.
– Also in the first 6 months Last year, Bamboo Airways reported that the total number of passengers it served was up to 915,000. In the first quarter of 2019 alone, Bamboo Airways carried out a total of 1,319 flights. These numbers quickly attract the attention of brands and Bamboo Airways is always targeted in each brand promotion strategy
– High quality flight service, beautiful image and service quality towards The standard of “5-star airline” is provided at an affordable cost, higher than Vietjet Air, but still lower than Vietnam Airlines.
– Bamboo Airways has 65 routes, connecting major cities & tourist destination in Vietnam & international flights, frequency of 180 flights/day, serving more than 8 million passengers/year.
Bamboo Airways aircraft advertising service also quickly exploited in many forms different. With the above advantages, on-board advertising will be a positive “lever” to bring investors impressive and different communication plans to enhance the level of brands and products.

8 forms and benefits of advertising on Bamboo Airways

Quảng cáo trên máy bay Bamboo Airway

Advertisement on the back of Bamboo Airways ticket:

+ Advertising content is highly received by being printed on the back of boarding tickets.
+ Marquette may change monthly.
+ Size 10*20 cm, printed in 2 colors .
+ Accessibility: more than 700,000 visitors/month.

Advertisement on Bamboo Airways aircraft

+ Stickers of advertising logos on the fuselage of A320/A321.
+ Stickers of 3M Exterior Aircraft Graphic Film A7706 (White Polyester Film) material
+ Estimated advertising area: 9m2; < 70m2 (half fuselage), < 130m2 (including the fuselage)+ The brand can reach many different customers at the airport, including customers of Bamboo Airways and other airlines.

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Advertisement on Bamboo Airways seat headrest

+ Advertising content printed on plane seat headrest
+ Attracts attention as soon as customers board the plane.
+ Ad position closest to potential customers.
+ Advertising marquette may change every 3 months.
+ Accessibility: more than 700,000 customers/month.
+ Specification: 20*30cm, waterproof material, Anti-slip, 4-color offset printing.

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Advertisement on Bamboo Airways dining table tray:

+ Advertisements on airplane food trays containing eye-catching Artwork or brand logos of businesses in order to best attract customers
+ Size 20*30 cm on anti-corrosion paper waterproof, anti-slip, offset printing in 4 colors.
+ Advertising marquette can be changed every 3 months/1 time
+ Accessibility: more than 700,000 customers/month.

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Advertisement on Bamboo Airways food containers:

+ Ads on Airplane Food Boxes containing eye-catching Artwork or brand logos of businesses to attract customers in the best way.
+ Reach: more than 700,000 times customers/month.

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Advertisement on Bamboo Airways luggage cabin:

+ Advertising is printed on the cabin running throughout the length of the interior of the aircraft.
+ Attracting customers, long advertising interaction time.
+ Size ~ 101*31 cm; 4-color printing on Decal Rigid Polycarbonate FR Grade Film
+ Advertising Marquette can be changed up to 3 months/time
+ Ad placement is easy in the eyes of customers.
+ Accessibility: more than 700,000 customers/month/aircraft.

Advertisement on IFE Bamboo Airways:

+ Can format ads to target potential customers (view only, clickable ads, lead ads).
+ Ads are displayed flexibly & diverse in size and can be displayed in many positions (pop-ups, top banners, in-stream videos…).
+ Customers receive ads in a relaxing environment.

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Advertisement of LOOK magazine on Bamboo Airways aircraft:

+ LOOK Magazine is present in every row of seats on Bamboo Airways flights, on Bamboo Airways’ lounge system at airports and at FLC Group’s 5-star resorts and hotels across the country.
+ LOOK Magazine booked exclusively for Bamboo Airways flights
+ Available in website, mobile app & social network.

Quảng cáo trên máy bay Bamboo Airway

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