Bus advertising is a form of outdoor advertising that especially attracts passersby because of its large advertising area, correct vision, and striking and impressive form that makes it difficult for viewers to take their eyes off.

Buses are a popular means of public transport around the world. Buses contribute to reducing traffic congestion, building civilized urban order and significantly reducing emissions to the environment.

Bus routes are arranged with diverse routes, creating convenient routes for people and tourists to go to school, work, go out, etc. In Vietnam, the bus system has also been developed. widely distributed throughout the country.

Quảng cáo trên xe bus

2. How is advertising on buses in Vietnam developing?

For investment businesses that want to develop bus advertising in Vietnam, do it now because this market still has a lot of potentials and potentials that have not been fully exploited. In big cities, the number of buses is increasing rapidly such as:

Hanoi city has over 100 bus routes with over 1000 vehicles active

Ho Chi Minh City has up to 200 bus routes with about 2000 vehicles running continuously from 5:30pm to 10:00pm daily .

Not only advertise Hanoi bus, advertise Ho Chi Minh bus, but this kind of convenient public transport has covered almost all 62 provinces and cities. Although provincial bus advertising markets are not as busy and vibrant as big cities, they are new, unique, and have not been mass-produced to attract people and tourists.

3. Bus advertising locations

Not limited to the number of billboards, billboards or managing broadcast time frames such as television, bus advertising, thousands of communication opportunities for businesses. Because various positions and forms of advertising are deployed, including:

3.1. Ad stickers on the outside of the car body

Separately about advertising forms outside the car body

The ads are placed in the right sight of the passersby, creating the best display effect for the advertising campaign on the bus. The decal under the body is a high-grade glossy decal, the decal on the car glass is a mesh decal that does not affect vision but still ensures impressive aesthetics and durability. Ads must not exceed 50% of the vehicle body area.

The advertising image pasted on the bon bon car through the commercial centers, crowded public places, crept into every street corner has become an indispensable highlight of the urban picture. .

quảng cáo xe bus hồ chí minh

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