About Vietjet Air’s Advertising Service Vietjet Air is the first private low-cost airline in Vietnam. Vietjet’s headquarters is located in Hanoi. On June 12, 2013, Vietjet Air placed an order for aircraft manufacturer Airbus to order 100 aircraft of all kinds.
About Vietjet Air
Introducing Vietjet Air

Vietjet’s in-flight advertising possesses many outstanding advantages and is always the first choice of businesses. With a variety of advertising positions both inside and outside, businesses can reach viewers in many different ways and distances.
In addition, in 2018, according to the digital report. The number of customers that Vietjet Air transported reached 23 million passengers with 118,923 flights and 261 thousand safe operating hours. The number of seats used by the airline reached the rate of 88.06 %. At the end of the first 6 months of 2018, Vietjet Air is the leading airline in the number of domestic passengers.

In addition to domestic customers, Vietjet Air also operates 38 international routes.

The customer segment of Vietjet Air focuses on young, dynamic customers with incomes mainly from mid- to high-income. In addition, people who know how to use electronic devices and social applications are also targeted by this airline.
With the rapid growth in the number of customers, Vietjet Air will bring it to partners to use. An effective communication advertising service that customers are most satisfied with.

Why choose to advertise on Vietjet Air

According to Qmedia Ambient 2015, 92% of passengers traveling by plane can remember advertising messages many hours after the flight; 86% of passengers on flights are in a positive mood to receive advertising messages.
According to Mckinsey & Company 2013 reported that 77% of passengers on flights asked to share that they would miss the programs played on the plane if they could no longer watch them.
40% Passengers can remember the content. used a specific TVC on board within the last 30 days. (According to Triad Consulting Group-2013)
From here we can see the potential of using in-flight advertising services in general.
In addition, the special reason is when customers decided to use Vietjet Air’s advertising services.
Diverse customer segments (from affordable to high-end); Reach out to a relatively large number of customers.

Vietjet Air has advertising forms…

Ads with Stickers

Include forms

  • Advertising with decals on the fuselage: This is the form chosen by many businesses because it has a large area and can be exposed to a large number of viewers from many different angles. This is also the only location deployed outside the aircraft, so it will be aimed at viewers who are both passengers and airport staff, who come to pick up family, friends or even drivers. .
  • However, with this form of advertising, the cost is high and usually only large enterprises use this service to promote the media.
  • Although Therefore, this form won the hearts of customers using the service because of its high rate of reaching the target audience, at diverse distances, and diversity in customer hierarchy.
Floor advertisement
Floor advertisement

Advertisement with decal on Luggage Box:

  • Inside the cabin, there are luggage compartments arranged on both sides so that passengers can store their personal belongings during the flight. Businesses can then choose to stick advertising decals on the lid of the luggage compartment. The purpose is that when passengers enter the cabin and store their belongings, they will see the maquette content.
  • With this form, at least each passenger will have access to at least 2 messages. passengers/passengers (when storing and unloading luggage)
  • The cost of advertising is economical and suitable for small and medium enterprises.
Advertisement on the luggage compartment lid
Advertisement on the luggage compartment lid

Advertising with decals on the menu on board, paper cups, tissues, leaflets,…:

It is a form of advertising that is close to the target audience and the cost of advertising is also more economical than some other forms of advertising.
For this form of advertising, it has the advantage of reaching out. the target audience in a subtle and non-inhibiting way.
On the other hand, compared to other forms of advertising on airplanes, this is the most economical form but equally effective as other forms. . The rate of reaching the target audience is also very high.

Fliers advertisement
Fliers advertisement

Advertisement on the dining table behind the chair:

The back of each passenger’s seat will be installed a plastic food tray to serve passengers during mealtime or place personal belongings on it. This tray will have an empty area for businesses to stick advertising decals on with the goal of reaching viewers from the closest distance.
Close target audience distance, contact time long reach and high rate of reaching advertising messages to target customers. Those are the advantages and benefits of using this form of advertising.

One2Fly magazine advertisement

One 2 Fly magazine advertisement – ​​Vietjet Air always provides rich information and in many fields, becoming an indispensable magazine in every traveler’s journey.
Issuance of One 2 Fly – Vietjet Air up to 40,000 copies/period/ 2 months
Release date: 10th of even month
Estimated number of readers: more than 2,500,000 views/period/ 2 months

One 2 Fly – VietJet Air is available on all flights

(One2Fly magazine advertisement)
One2Fly magazine advertisement

With no phone signal, no Internet, the magazine becomes the first choice when relaxing, waiting for flights. Relaxing time is also the time when the brain is easily receptive to new information. So magazine ads reach customers naturally and effectively. This is the most distinctive highlight of the advertising form of aircraft magazines.
Besides content, elegant and beautiful design is a prerequisite of a quality magazine. It can be affirmed that One2Fly (Vietjet Air) magazine has the advantage of eye-catching visual design, attracting target audiences. Content or advertising articles must meet aesthetic standards. As a result, PR articles or advertisements create impressions and trust for readers.

How to make your brand appear on Vietjet Air aircraft?

The Vietjet Air aircraft advertising service is provided and deployed by Nextbrand Vietnam – proud to be one of the leading advertising agencies in Vietnam. Nextbrand makes it easy for advertisers to find the right airline and capture a good spot. A team of highly qualified consultants, many years of experience and relationships are always ready to answer questions and meet all needs of customers. Our airport advertising designs not only ensure aesthetics, creativity, and attractiveness, but also express the message content of the advertisement concisely, concisely, and build a brand image for customers. your business.
Let Nextbrand Vietnam bring your business brand to reach more customers!
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