Advertising Pano is one of the media with a long history, through hundreds of years of development and constant innovation, outdoor advertising billboards are becoming more and more unique and bring Impressive effects for brand promotion campaigns of brands.

Advertising panels, also known as wall billboards, are one of the forms of large billboards that appear a lot on the street and are very familiar to everyone.

Every day, when consumers step out of their homes and move on the street, they can encounter countless outdoor advertising billboards with many different shapes, sizes and colors.

Pano quảng cáo

Advertising panels – wall billboards

And on those Pano signs is the appearance of many brands, products and services, they convey the advertising maquette which is the most important and unique information to impress consumers.

Note: The wall paneling is different from the pillar Billboard in that the Billboard can stand independently, have a very large size, display 2-3 sides, and the Pano cannot stand independently but depends on the work it is attached to. , showing only one side and the modest size is better.

Pano quảng cáo

Advertising billboards at the intersection of Le Duan – Nguyen Khuyen (Hanoi)

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