Advertising trends that will reign in 2022

Video advertising
Video advertising is not a new form, but it is still on the rise and is loved by many people. It is predicted that this form will be one of the advertising trends to the throne in 2021. This is because when smartphones, technology and the Internet are increasingly developed, video advertising is an all-time trend. weakness of the industrial age 4.0.

Video advertising
In the form of video advertising, 2021 is forecast to explode with a number of creative ways of communication, including live streaming. Live streaming is becoming more and more popular, interested and interesting by many people. The basic trend today is that users are increasingly reluctant to view long content. Therefore, businesses need to pay attention to convey advertising information via video in a short, quick and direct way. Currently, short video platforms such as Instagram Reels, TikTok are increasingly promoting their effectiveness.

Advertising through AI
AI stands for Artificial Intelligence which means artificial intelligence. This is a characteristic element of the Industry 4.0 era. In the current new context, setting up advertising through artificial intelligence will be an inevitable trend and it will become explosive in the coming 2021. This type of advertising will help brands target more specific audiences.

As the channels used to reach customers increase in scope, it becomes more difficult to manage. Artificial intelligence AI will help solve this obstacle. AI will use targeting signals and real-time adjustments to individual ad campaigns across any channel.

Attractive trends in this form of advertising such as the advent of blockchain, 5G, text recognition and the use of voice search are certain to explode in 2021. Many studies have shown that now There are many people who use voice search app for work as well as personal searches.

Outdoor advertising on vehicles
Advertising on means of transport, also known as Transit, includes advertising on buses, taxis, coaches, trains, airplanes, etc. Especially now there is advertising on personal cars. are becoming more and more popular.

Advertising on means of transport
According to a report by the American Advertising Association (OAAA for short), each ad on personal cars attracts between 30,000 and 70,000 views per day. This form is 15 times more effective than other forms. In the research report also showed that 90% of consumers have more sympathy for brands and 91% remember the content after seeing the advertisement a few times.

Outdoor advertising on the means of transport is an effective solution to attract the attention of viewers and help go into the subconscious of customers. Especially, this type is not expensive, helping businesses save a considerable amount of money compared to more expensive forms.

Mobile advertising
As smartphones become more and more popular, mobile advertising will be the dominant trend in 2021. Especially in the context that the world is experiencing the dangers of the Covid-19 pandemic, the use of phone for daily connection is inevitable. Then advertising on mobile devices will easily reach a large number of customers. Therefore, brands will try to integrate their advertising content in the programs that mobile users often access.

Mobile advertising
For mobile advertising, the Story ad format is increasingly dominant. This format is adopted by Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Brands are increasingly developing story ad formats to capture the interest of a wider audience.

Besides, advertising in games is also becoming more and more popular. Although for many game players, the appearance of ads while playing will feel annoying and annoying. But this is a way to convey the message to a large number of customers because to continue playing the game you need to wait for the advertising time to pass.

There are many different forms of advertising, but it is necessary to research and analyze carefully to choose the type that best suits your business. With the advertising trends to the throne in 2021 that we forecast above can be suggestions for your reference and choice.

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