Trivision billboard (3-sided flip chart) is one of the extremely effective means of communication, which is currently receiving a lot of attention and attention from a series of brands on the market with the aim of bringing the brand to the forefront. wide waves.

Trivision billboards (also known as Trivision Billboard, Trivision Billboard Advertising, 3-sided flip signs …) is one of the high-altitude outdoor billboard advertising forms that have appeared in many major cities and provinces of our country. long time. We often see Trivision billboards mounted on buildings or right next to national highways and highways, which can be observed from many different angles.

Trivision Billboard can be deployed in the same form as an advertising billboard or billboard, but the most different part here is that if a regular billboard can only show at most one content on one side, the Trivision billboard will show three different maquette contents.

trivision quảng cáo ngoài trời

Trivision Sea is located right at the intersection of the street. Image source: Internet.

Currently, more and more 3-sided billboard positions are installed on the market, suitable for businesses in various fields. Most of this form of advertising is used for the purpose of reminding the brand to consumers, affirming its position before competitors.

The most outstanding advantage that 3-sided billboard advertising possesses compared to other types of advertising is that businesses can communicate for three advertising images at the same time, making a better impression but always new in the eyes of consumers. Trivision Billboard is installed in extremely favorable locations right on major roads, without obstructions of trees and houses, so it will catch the view from many different angles. As can be seen, we cannot calculate the number of viewers who have been exposed to advertising images.

trivision quảng cáo ngoài trời

Many brands on the market choose this form of advertising. Image source: Internet.

With the mechanism to display three maquette content in turn (maximum 90 seconds/face), businesses will be able to show many messages and images to customers, so they can unleash their creativity so that the maquette image becomes eye-catching. and most attractive. In addition, the structure is different from ordinary billboards, which is also an advantage for passersby to attract attention and remember longer.

Trivision 3-sided billboards can also be deployed indoors, mostly at major airports such as Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat… so businesses can consider communication purposes as well as potential customers to choose. Choose the most appropriate and effective ad placement.

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