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SIGNS GUIDE Billboard, signage, brand, department name, parts name decorated the front office or within office of the company not only serves as an signage that there is a form of promote, showcase photos, contribute to more properties luxury, civilized, modern for enterprises face A marine systems impressive corporate office will attract the attention of […]


quang cao led

BILLBOARD LED As one of the the applications is the most popular, cheap and very high efficiency.  Although higher costs billboard by tarpaulin hiflex, billboards mica, billboards alu… but with an billboard LED attracts many times. A billboard Led will give your store an “explosion” customers which you probably can not imagine. What type  of material are constitute […]


Biển quảng cáo tấm lớn

BILLBOARD PANO Billboard pano (Billboard) for large size, under 80m2 (table in urban centers) to 250m2 (on the Expressway, national highway). Kind billboards (Pano, pa nô, billboard) often have elaborately structures directly affected by the weather, the impact around (especially storms, earthquakes) … Often the investors put in concrete pillars, steel structures or hanging on the location of the intersection […]

Billboards rotation 3 sides Trivision

Biển xoay lật 3 mặt Trivision

Billboards rotation 3 sides Trivision Often used at locations with large size, foresight. Efficacy and aesthetics are the advantages of this form … CONSTITUTETRIVISION – The aluminum is an equilateral triangle; – Image ads are sprayed onto photographic paper decals BP; CHARACTERISTICS: – Simple Installation; – Easy manipulation; – Convenient maintenance; With scientific design Billboard […]


Biển Hộp đèn hút nổi, biển hộp đèn,

LIGHT BOX SUCK FLOATING are senior billboard Light box LIGHT BOX SUCK FLOATING Shaped steel frame, the mica is sucked floating by molds from plastic particles. For individual producers, the cost of lightbox suck floating quite high. We can choose LIGHT BOX SUCK FLOATING shapes and sizes different.     The word floating suck, border […]

Facade alu

Facade alu This is the form that businesses want to renovate and upgrade the facade to enhance the aesthetics of corporate headquarters. With the company rent old house make office or the shop want professional investment for facade of business so uses the technology paneled aluminum for facades buildings or stores is a viable solution: […]


Printing NextBrand Viet Nam with the advantage of system digital printers large format modern, fast speed and excellent image quality, has been a print partner for many companies advertising, commercial trading company in also outside the city. Our company is to meet the needs of printing material after:  Hiflex Simili tarpaulin. PP glues. Decal Backlist […]


Biển hộp đèn

LIGHT BOXES Often used in the stores, the sales agent, the entrance lobby doors …. Light box is made from ocean iron frame box, a box welded structural hollow average thickness of 13cm. (Thinner or thicker can customize request Bottom billboards lined iron sheet (or wrap tarpaulin, mica as front with billboards 2-sided), around wrapped iron or […]

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