Billboard outdoor advertising is always present on the way we go every day and is ingrained in the subconscious of consumers about an old, familiar, close but equally creative and unique form of communication. Billboards advertising full slot bookings show the undeniable appeal of this national media.

So what is Billboard advertising, what are the main features, common forms of Billboard advertising, cost of quotes and some effective implementation experiences.

Billboard advertising, also known as pillar sign, this is the most familiar type of outdoor advertising to us, it is not too difficult to see them when circulating on the street, or when we have work and move. by passenger car, car on highways, national highways, or the way to the airport…

Thanks to its large size (up to hundreds of square meters) and extreme height along with standing independently on open and wide spaces, billboards convey the brand’s images and messages in a unique way. lively, impressive and extremely attractive.

Billboard quảng cáo

Billboard advertising, also known as the pillar sign

Moreover, outdoor billboard advertising is also considered as one of the most classy forms of communication today, the brand’s appearance on a beautiful and prime Billboard position helps to raise the brand’s level, affirming. reputation in the eyes of consumers.

Billboard advertising together with advertising Pano has undergone hundreds of years of development, from primitive construction to the use of machines, from hand-drawn drawings to digital inkjet technology, from simple to simple. modern, and even apply high technology to be more and more creative.

Billboard quảng cáo

Billboard advertising becomes an indispensable means of communication in any brand promotion campaign

Texture of Billboard advertising
Unlike advertising billboards, which are wall panels attached to the facades and sides of buildings, advertising billboards stand independently in a well-ventilated and spacious place. Thus, the billboard’s structure advertises more than that of Pano’s advertising column and concrete foundation.

Billboard quảng cáo

Observe the full shape of an advertising billboard

Billboard advertising structure includes:

– The foundation, the foot of the column: solid, sturdy, the foot of the column is buried deep in the ground and poured with concrete to ensure that it can support the weight of the frame and canvas above, as well as withstand the impact of weather such as heavy rain, high wind…

Advertising board frame: iron material and welded into small squares to stretch advertising canvas. The sea surface often uses Hiflex tarpaulin with high quality digital inkjet printing to be able to persist in the outdoor environment for a long time and withstand the effects of rain, sun, wind, dust…

– Lighting system: using a large-capacity metal lamp installed around the edge of the billboard to help images and messages can be clearly displayed at night. The larger the billboard size, the more lights are required.

Billboard quảng cáo

Billboard structure includes foundation, column base and billboard frame

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