Facade alu

Facade alu

is the form that businesses want to renovate and upgrade the facade to enhance
the aesthetics of corporate headquarters.

With the company rent old house make office or the shop want professional investment for facade of business so uses the technology paneled aluminum for facades buildings or stores is a viable solution: Fast, beautiful, luxurious and cost savings.
     A creaking shabby house, just paneled facade by aluminum, plus some painting and decorating was able to transform into a monumental building, superficial world and luxury. 
   In addition, construction of new buildings also tend to use facades aluminum to decorate add superficial world and elegance. Construction services aluminum facades aluminum our meet your requirements on time, aesthetic, durability, safety and savings.
Normally panels Alu includes 7 layers:
   1. Film layer coated to Protect surface decorated of panels (Protective plastic film)
   2. The paint on the surface (This paint decide color of plastic and aluminum plate be divided into two kinds of paint also by this: indoor PET coating – and outdoor – PVDF coating)
   3. Front aluminum
   4. Adhesive layer
   5. Polyethylene
   6. Back aluminum
   7. Primer
Some buildings facades alu typical:

DSC2047 ocb20quang20ngai 1 DSC2048
Facades alu of Sacombank – 8-3-branch Facades Alu glass aluminum of OCB – Quang Ngai branch Facades Alu of Thu sport center
sacombank20cn20hoc20mon 1 Da%20Lieu Viet%20Hoa
Facades alu of Sacombank – Hoc Mon branch  Facades Alu of Dermatology Clinic  Facades Alu of Viet Hoa gold shop 

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