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Currently, there are many different advertising positions and forms, but in the current trend, airport advertising is very popular and growing, including Advertisement at Noi Bai Airport is It is one of the forms of airport advertising that has been exploited and developed strongly in recent years and is also a point of great interest to domestic and foreign businesses because of the great benefits it brings. such as increasing brand awareness, introducing customers to products and services very effectively….

Introduction to Noi Bai International Airport

Noi Bai International Airport is Vietnam’s second largest airport in terms of terminal capacity and passenger capacity of up to 35 million passengers per year. Noi Bai International Airport is located in Soc Son District, Hanoi, located 15km from Hanoi capital. Noi Bai Airport is one of the international airports with an important strategic position, the gateway to industry and trade, and the first. transport link of Hanoi and surrounding areas, replacing the old Gia Lam airport. Noi Bai International Airport is the main hub for Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Bam Boo, Air France, Jetstar Pacific Airlines, and many more airlines…..

Quảng cáo sân bay Nội Bài

Satellite image of Terminal T1 – Noi Bai

Facilities and infrastructure of Noi Bai International Airport

Noi Bai International Airport with extremely modern physical and technical infrastructure, with 2 take-off routes: 11L/29R with a length of 3,200m, and 11R/29L with a length of 3,800 m, both runways are 45m wide. Along with that are 2 aprons T1 and T2 with a total area of ​​280,000m2 and are in operation with a total of 47 parking positions.

Passenger terminal includes domestic terminal and international terminal, in October 2001 the domestic terminal was officially put into operation with 4 large halls: A,B,C,D, with a total area With an area of ​​90,000m2, the terminal operates with a large capacity of over 6 million passengers/year.

By the end of 2013, the domestic terminal had an additional hall E and was put into operation, increasing the total area to 115,000ms and increasing the capacity of the station to more than 10 million passengers/year. At this point, the terminal’s capacity has exceeded the original plan by 43% and has become the largest airport in the country.

The international passenger terminal was officially put into operation in December 2014, designed with 4 floors with an area of ​​​​: 139,216m2, the terminal operates with a capacity of more than 10 million passengers. /year.

The international passenger terminal has a very large capacity, at peak hours the terminal can serve over 3,000 passengers and 23 takeoffs and landings. From the above statistics, Noi Bai International Terminal has become the terminal with the largest capacity in the airports of our country

That’s why advertising Noi Bai Airport will bring great benefits to domestic and foreign businesses.

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Satellite image of Terminal T2 – Noi Bai

Annual number of customers at Noi Bai International Airport

Currently, Noi Bai International Airport has 24 domestic and foreign airlines operating. Noi Bai Airport is the main hub of many famous airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, vietjtet Air….

The number of passengers served by Noi Bai airport has continuously increased over the years. If in 2008, the airport served about 8 million passengers, in 2010 it was 9.5 million passengers, by 2016, Noi Bai airport has served 20 million passengers, and will be overloaded in three years. again. Therefore, in order to avoid overcrowding, the Government is also planning to expand T1 and T2 terminals before 2020, and consider building more T3 and T4 terminals after 2020, bringing Noi Bai back to life. become one of the largest air hubs in Southeast Asia.

Quảng cáo sân bay Nội Bài

Terminal T2 – Noi Bai International Airport

Form of advertising at Noi Bai airport

The forms of advertising at Noi Bai airport are extremely diverse and rich, with the combination of technology and modern equipment, which will bring the best efficiency and value to businesses.

Advertising in the form of LED light box signs on the one hand is the most common form of advertising at Noi Bai airport, with the size specified at the airport being the width from 1.5 – 2.2 m and length from 4 – 5m.

Advertisement at the airport in the form of light box signs : 01 sea2 signs,…&nbsp ;06 signs, depending on the cost of the business, the light box signs will be placed in high-traffic and easy-to-see locations such as: parking lots, common corridors of international arrivals domestic – international, public lobby area of ​​domestic – international arrival terminal, check-in lobby at departure terminal, international public area, international baggage drop off area, domestic baggage drop off area. Airport advertising in the form of light box signs at Noi Bai airport will attract more customers and help businesses feel more secure when choosing this form of advertising.

Airport advertising in the form of luggage trolleys is very popular, advertising in this form will attract a lot of domestic and foreign passengers. Advertise on trolleys in the form of Backlist Film stickers and then double-sided glossy lamination for waterproof, anti-fading and mika outside. With this form, the dimensions prescribed at Noi Bai airport are: the front of the cart has dimensions of 153 mm x 410 mm, the back of the cart is 193 mm x 410 mm, the front of the car body is 253 mm x 493 mm, the back side is 253 mm x 493 mm. bodywork 253 mm x 493 mm. Advertising at the airport in this form will impress and reach customers in the most intuitive way.

In addition, airport advertising has many other forms of advertising at the airport such as: advertising in the form of LCD screens, Standee, advertising in the form of decals. , pasting billboards at check-in counters or glass doors…

Advertising at the airport is a very effective form of advertising for businesses. At the same time, advertising at Noi Bai airport will increase the interaction of customers with businesses. Especially advertising at Noi Bai airport, businesses will have the opportunity to receive up to 35 million customers/year.

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The benefits of advertising at Noi Bai airport

  • Enhancing the brand value of the business
  • Promoting the message, brand and image of the business to domestic and foreign partners.< /li>
  • Advertising in beautiful locations, images, advertising messages are displayed beautifully on modern devices, helping customers become more and more impressed with the brand and product image services to customers.
  • Opportunities to approach foreign direct investment groups.
  • Attract the attention and attention of customers customers directly without any intermediaries, besides taking advantage of customers’ free time to introduce products and services in the most effective way
  • And a Another special thing that advertising at Noi Bai airport brings to your business is to attract target customers, thereby bringing high marketing efficiency to your business

Airport advertising in general and Noi Bai international airport advertising in particular is the strength of Nextbrand Vietnam, helping to raise the level and affirm the brand of the business. market. As a leading unit in the field of communication in Vietnam, Nextbrand Vietnam always wishes to bring satisfaction to customers. Our airport advertising designs not only ensure aesthetics, creativity, and attractiveness, but also express the message content of the advertisement concisely, concisely, and build a brand image for customers. business.

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