Advertising on taxis is known as a very economical and low cost outdoor advertising method. The form of advertising on taxis will bring the brand image to appear at the hottest spots in the city such as airports, hotels, train stations, shopping malls. Combined with other forms of OOH outdoor advertising, it will bring optimal efficiency to the marketing campaign of the business.

Advertising on taxis has been around for a long time, was first applied in the UK and European countries, now this form of advertising has developed extremely strongly and is deployed all over the world, including Vietnam.

Taxi Advertising (English: Taxi Advertising or Taxi Ads) is the installation of advertising publications of the brand on the most prime locations of taxis (with can be inside or outside the vehicle). When taxis move on the street to pick up passengers, the business’s image and message will appear on the roads that the car passes and reach a large number of potential customers.

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Taxi advertising is the construction of advertising publications of the brand on the most favorable locations of the taxi

Implement the construction of taxi advertising by printing media content on decal material and then pasting it on the body of the car, the construction worker will skillfully cut the decal according to the details to stick firmly to the car door , limiting peeling when operating in the outside environment for a long time.

With its motion characteristics, taxi advertising is classified as an advertising channel on vehicles and is one of the most effective forms of outdoor advertising today.

Taxi is known as an extremely popular means of transport, there are millions of taxis constantly moving on the street, operating almost 24/7. Thanks to that, the advertising channel on taxis in Vietnam is currently developing extremely strongly, covering all 63 provinces and cities nationwide. Especially in big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, and Da Nang, the taxi advertising market is extremely active and often in a state of “sold out”, full slot booking.

Some of the major taxi companies leading the way in taxi advertising in Vietnam include Mai Linh (nationwide), Group, Open99, G7 (Hanoi), VinaSun, Vina taxi (Ho Chi Minh), Tien Sa, Sun taxi (Da Nang and central provinces)… give brands a variety of choices for campaigns.

Quảng cáo taxi là gì? Top 16 thông tin quan trọng cần nắm rõ

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