As one of the forms of advertising on the means of transport chosen by many businesses today, advertising on airplanes contributes to affirming the brand’s class, as well as reaching potential customers one by one. exact way.

1. Introduction to in-flight advertising

Airplane is one of the vehicles that are classified as high-class and expensive. It plays a very important role, which is transporting a large number of passengers to destinations in the country and around the world. In recent years, Vietnam’s aviation industry has experienced remarkable rapid development, mainly thanks to the economy, cultural exchange and tourism.

Not out of the trend of the market, airplanes have also officially become a medium used in outdoor advertising for brands. Because it is aimed at potential customers in the good segment and above, the cost is also much higher than other forms. Currently, most airlines have participated in the field of providing advertising services at airports across the country.

Advertising on airplanes has a variety of forms both inside and outside, giving businesses more choices to find the right form. Each type has different properties, characteristics, and approaches to customers, leading to a certain difference in quotes.

2. Popular forms of in-flight advertising

Floor advertising

It can be said that this is the most advanced form of in-flight advertising and any brand that has been and is booking this type has proven to be “playable” and has a respectable level. The area outside the fuselage is manufactured from materials that can withstand all impacts from the environment, as well as physical factors when the aircraft operates, which will be used to show advertising images.< /p>

As we all know, the plane is very large, even we can observe the plane from a distance. Therefore, there will be a large number of viewers who can approach the advertising image from many different angles. Most of that will be passengers, family, friends… present at the airport for a certain period of time.

Source: Giaoduc

Advertising LCD screens on airplanes

Behind each passenger seat on the plane will usually be installed a digital screen to show videos and movies for viewers during the flight take-off. Businesses can book this form of LCD advertising to show TVC clips with a duration of 15-30s. Clips are played interlaced with other content, but you will have to book all the screens in the cabin to play in sync. In-flight TVC advertising will capture the full attention of passengers, without distraction.

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Advertisement on luggage compartment lid

The luggage compartment is a structure installed above the passenger’s seat in an aircraft, mounted along the sides in a row, used to store each person’s personal belongings. To ensure safety, the storage compartment will have a lid on the outside, keeping the luggage inside during the flight.

Using the entire empty area outside, businesses can paste advertising maquettes. This form is more effective than you think. Right from the moment you step into the plane and find a seat, the first thing each passenger will do is put their luggage in the drawer, so they will be in contact with the maquette from super close range.

Not only that, no matter where you sit, the advertising image is easily caught by the eye because the storage system is designed not far away. If businesses book ads simultaneously on all luggage compartments, the brand image will spread throughout the plane, impressing viewers much more.

Source: asiamedia

Advertise the dining table behind the chair

On the plane, each passenger will have a dedicated dining table that is cleverly designed and installed, attached to the front seat and can be folded to save space. The entire space on the dining table (the position facing the passenger when the dining table is folded up) will be used to paste advertising maquette with adhesive decal material.

Usually, the brand image will be in contact with the viewer’s eye during the flight (except when the table is set down to eat). It can be said that this is a form of advertising that makes direct interaction easy. This type of advertisement is often placed on all seats in the plane to ensure wide coverage.

Source: Collection

Advertisement on plane seat covers

Each seat on the plane is placed with a head covering to help passengers feel more comfortable when leaning on. In addition, businesses can also use it to print their logo on it, which is also a way to communicate effectively.

With this form of advertising, brands can directly interact with customers before they sit down or stand up. However, the area of ​​​​the cover is limited, businesses should only print the most important content.

Source: Tinhte

Advertising on airline tickets (Boarding pass cover)

Advertising on airline tickets is a fairly common form and appears in most airlines today. Businesses can print images, information of brands and products on the envelope clipped to the ticket with hard paper. Airfare is an indispensable item for every passenger, they must always carry it with them from queuing to board the plane until landing.

To achieve high efficiency, businesses should print a large number of airline tickets at the same time to ensure better brand recognition. Viewers will have the need to observe the plane ticket many times to find information about the trip as well as the seat position, so the advertising image will definitely be imprinted in their memory.

Source: quancaosanbaysite

Advertisement in aircraft magazine (Heritage)

Usually, there will be some kind of magazine on the plane. Brands can book a few items on these magazine pages to promote their brand, need to focus on content layout, attractive images and creating a sense of attraction for readers.< /p>

This form of advertising can also provide businesses with opportunities to cooperate and invest with large corporations and companies because businessmen, directors… often travel by plane and read magazines. to update information.

Source: Kinhtetrithuc

Advertising folding ladders used for aircraft

Passengers when getting on and off the plane must go through a folding ladder (except for the case of using a telescopic tube). The ladder is quite large in size, so businesses can take advantage of the surface of the stairs to stick advertising decals, to attract the attention of passengers walking on the ladder and those who are present at the airport at the time. there.

In addition, one folding ladder will be used for many aircraft, so businesses have an even greater advantage when the maquette content can reach a large number of viewers.

Source: quancaongoaitroi

Advertisement on trial samples, in-flight flyers

The form of distribution on trial samples and flyers in airplanes is very popular, as well as chosen by many businesses because of its reasonable price, and can be deployed in large quantities at the same time. Businesses will print advertising content on flyers and trial samples, and then the flight’s flight attendants will hand them out to each guest, once they have settled in their seats.

Like advertising on airline tickets, businesses should deploy a large number of leaflets and trial product samples to increase brand coverage to customers. Everyone’s psychology will love to receive gifts, so you will definitely make a good impression.

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Advertising cabin partitions in aircraft

Between the cabins in the aircraft are separated by a separate partition made of specialized plastic. We can make use of the area on the surface of this partition to stick advertising maquettes, because any passenger or flight attendant when boarding and disembarking the plane will have to pass through this area to get to their seats. .

However, businesses need to pay attention to choosing an advertising decal position opposite the eye of the viewer so that no matter where they sit, they can see it.

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In-flight announcements

Before and after each flight, flight attendants will notify passengers and crew of necessary information through the PA system, which anyone on board can hear. Businesses can book this form of advertising by sending content about the brand and they will read it at the appropriate time.

Passengers on the plane may not notice the small details around them, but the sound will certainly reach everyone’s ears. Therefore, businesses can be completely assured when the information about the brand has been received by listeners.

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