How many times have you wondered how to attract consumers’ attention with advertising publications about your business’s products and services? Choosing an outdoor advertising method such as a large billboard is effective, but it takes a lot of time to make an impression in the subconscious of customers. Today, outdoor advertising led screen has answered the question in your heart.

LED screen advertising is considered one of the newest outdoor adverting trends today. Led screen is almost dominating the world lighting market, with outstanding advantages compared to TVC and video projection technologies  Old advertising photos. Thanks to the vivid, intuitive elements and especially the extremely vibrant colors when displaying product images, this type of outdoor advertising is attractive, attracting the attention of many people, especially Especially effective when presenting in crowded places with large space.

What is outdoor advertising LED screen?

Modern development technology has produced many good solutions for the field of media advertising. With the method of advertising large outdoor billboards (Pano, Billboard) today, it is not only boring monotonous images printed on Hiflex canvas anymore. With outdoor LED screen advertising using motion picture technology, it has brought a new breeze to the advertising communication campaign of the business. Led screen is considered as a new advertising trend and brings a lot of effectiveness in conveying messages to customers.

Compared to the indoor Led screen with compact size, moderate brightness to the eyes of the viewer, the outdoor advertising led screen usually has a fairly large area, the lowest must be 50 square meters, high. up to hundreds of square meters. Brightness is about 5500~8500cd/sqm.

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Large LED screen brings extremely vivid advertising images

Outdoor Led screen (outdoor Led screen) is integrated with moisture-proof, water-proof, and heat-resistant technology, so it is not affected by environmental factors during the projection process, limiting the Damage to repair disrupts advertising campaigns

Similar to high-altitude billboards, outdoor advertising led screens are installed at a certain height (about 5 meters or more) to ensure long-distance visibility of pedestrians.< /p>

The outdoor LED screen billboard has a very high brightness to meet the needs of outdoor display even in sunny weather. Especially effective when used for outdoor advertising, at stadiums. caves, squares, on national highways…

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