Advertising Remarketing

You may not know, according to a recent study by Google, up to 96% of potential users who clicked on an ad led to the home website, or went directly to the web for the first time, but it did not lead. to conversion (order generation, leave a consultation message,…).

At this point, marketers will study how to convince potential customers to return to your website once, twice, even many other times. The process will end until the person makes a purchase. This is a specific example of a retargeting ad, making it easier for you to visualize.

Remarketing is the type of advertising of GDN. Accordingly, the audience that this ad is targeting is people who have visited the web but have not yet converted. Through dynamic image advertising, this ad will follow the user to other websites, until a purchase action from the consumer is achieved.

When to run retargeting?

Although it is very effective, but if marketers do not know when to run remarketing, it will also “fake it”.

Specifically, some current marketers have continuously implemented this form of running ads, but found it not really effective as expected. Therefore, no matter how you run ads, if you don’t know how to use them, it doesn’t make sense.

Tips for you: Choose retargeting ads with a closer, more personalized approach. To do this, you need to clearly define the criteria for launching the campaign. For example, you may find that customers regularly visit certain websites, including the business owner’s website. You should just go after these people.

They are potential customers who have been interested in your products and services. Plus, the first thing to do is set a per-person impression limit. This helps ads become friendly, not annoying, avoid backfire.

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