ADVIET Company is a company specializing in providing a comprehensive chain of online advertising and offline advertising services for businesses.

In the era of growing technology, business competition becomes more and more fierce, any business needs to have the best position in the online and offline market. Meanwhile, the company currently only provides a certain range of services, making it difficult for the company to manage the overall management of customers. Therefore, we founded ADVIET MEDIA to provide general services.

Coming to AVIET MEDIA, customers will save time and easily reach customers fastest and most accurately, because we provide a full range of services such as: Aviation advertising, billboard advertising, advertising advertising. advertising in the media, LED screen advertising, facebook advertising, google advertising, web SEO, advertising booking….

With a team of experienced personnel and deep understanding of the advertising market, well-informed about all forms of advertising and capable enough to execute the overall advertising applications across the country, ADVIET MEDIA has satisfied customers, domestic and foreign partners.

manifesto & mission

With the goal of pioneering & sustainable development, since its establishment, ADVIET MEDIA has built for businesses the VISION and MISSION as follows:


In the next 5 years, ADVIET MEDIA will become the leading brand in providing services and implementing advertising campaigns in 63 provinces and cities nationwide.

In the next 10 years, ADVIET MEDIA will be one of the three largest companies in the country providing full-service services for foreign-invested online and offline advertising businesses in Vietnam.


For customers: ADVIET MEDIA determines for itself the mission of becoming an extension of the customer’s arm, our services help customers improve production efficiency, saving time and costs. From there, customers only need to focus on professional production, improve product sales, and contribute to promoting the country’s economic development.

For ADVIET people: Full of bright and persistent mind

For society: Share joy – Spread love.

“ADVIET always strives to bring the best service and the most appropriate and effective online and offline advertising campaigns to customers.”


People are the most important asset. Each member participating in the ADVIET environment can maximize their ability and enrich themselves. Before that, the development of ADVIET was the development of personality, capacity and finance of each member of ADVIET.

collective strength: Solidarity is created from the combination and complementarity of individuals with distinct abilities and personalities. ADVIET always upholds and promotes the solidarity and attachment of its members.

DYNAMIC AND CREATIVE: is a prerequisite to help ADVIET become a leading company. The dynamic and open environment at ADVIET has encouraged and accepted creative individuals. Corporate culture is the fulcrum for all ADVIET activities.