Online press booking service

1. What is PR Service Booking online newspaper? PR Booking is an abbreviation of Booking Public Relations, which is a form of ordering and posting articles to promote products/services, brands  of individuals and businesses on online press and media channels in order to the purpose of serving marketing goals. Online...
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TV advertising booking

TV advertising booking service always holds the top position for businesses even when social advertising is widely used. Vietstarmax provides popular forms of television advertising such as TV commercials, corporate films, pop ups, logos, etc., providing high brand communication capabilities with huge discounts for businesses. WHAT IS BOOKING TV ADVERTISING?...
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Press Booking Service OFFLINE

Press advertising  has a long life, is the first type of advertising that companies think of in advertising campaigns.< li>Newspapers are a good way to reach a large number of consumers, especially those aged 45 and over who tend to read newspapers more often than young people who only get...
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ADVIET MEIDA – Is an advertising Agency Booking. The advantage of the company is that it can simultaneously deploy many other types of advertising besides television advertising such as outdoor advertising, advertising on vehicles, advertising on Google’s display network, etc. That helps brands quickly increase coverage and recognition, making communication campaigns most effective.

ADVIET MEIDA is now a long-time partner of large enterprises across the country… In the television booking segment, ADVIET is always confident in its affirmation of its competitive prices and discounts with many other booking units. Besides, the well-trained staff with extensive knowledge in the field of Advertising/Marketing is also a big plus of the business.


Benefits of advertising booking

A product or service that wants to be noticed by customers must appear everywhere and permanently in human life. However, to disseminate products and services widely, businesses will be extremely expensive in terms of time and money. Therefore, television will be a perfect choice when attracting a large audience. Booking advertising will bring products and services to customers in a natural and attractive way. In particular, the development potential of products and services will increase thanks to television audiences who are customers of all ages and levels.