What is facebook advertising?

Currently with the popularity of the social network Facebook, it is very easy to see the outstanding advantages of  Facebook Ads in the development of Facebook ads. many businesses. Specifically, Facebook Ads is possessing the following advantages:

  • Facebook Ads is capable of locating the exact target audience, making it easy to reach customers. As a result, businesses are not afraid of being approached to the wrong audience that is not within the scope of the zone.
  • Facebook Ads have great influence, spread very quickly because the number of people using Facebook is very large
  • Facebook Ads has a high conversion rate (CVR), which means a very high click-to-order conversion rate
  • Facebook Ads has a variety of advertising forms, helping businesses to customize according to their purposes and needs. At the same time, it helps ads become boring for Facebook users


What is Facebook interaction?

Facebook interaction is any action a user takes on a personal Facebook page, fanpage or on a post. Types of Facebook interactions can be mentioned such as like, comment, share or tag, checkin,…  Facebook Engagement is important as it helps your page expand organic reach. Facebook Engagement boosts your post's position...
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Tăng follow facebook có lợi ích gì?

When it comes to the features that facebook offers to its users, there are many and very useful features, one of which is the facebook follow feature. An account that receives a lot of followers will bring certain benefits, especially for those who do business. That's why the demand for...
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What is Facebook Seeding?

Seeding is a familiar term used a lot in the field of Marketing to attract and direct the crowd very effectively. If you ignore seeding, you are considered to have reduced the marketing effectiveness of your business by 50%. Talking about Facebook seeding, it can be roughly understood that it...
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reasons why Facebook ad accounts are locked, flagged, disabled

1. Newly opened account, running ads running out of card money – Facebook can’t pay – Disabled because Facebook thinks the account is booming and doesn’t pay for ads
2. Sharing an ip or computer with an account that runs rampant or violates the policy. Page has been locked, disabled account, later add any account that often dies.4. Unusual increase or decrease in budget. Newbies often have this habit because they do not understand the nature of Facebook advertising. Every time you change something in your ad, the ad has to start over from scratch.
5. The Facebook account is locked due to Facebook’s Checkpoint, leading to the ad account being also locked. The reason the personal account is locked may be due to less interaction with friends, sharing articles, messaging in a short time.

6. Page has a history of buying virtual likes before.

7. FanPage has added 1 admin or 1 account to run ads but that nick violates the policy. All will be locked together.
8. Sensitive ads violate regulations on photos, video copyrights, photo copyrights, music.

Experience in running effective Facebook ads

Have a clear goal

To be able to run Facebook ads successfully, you must first answer this question: What do you run ads for?

Want to increase the number of followers? Increase sales? Increase engagement rate? Whatever your goal is, Facebook can do it.

Target the right target audience

According to the latest Facebook statistics, this technology giant now has up to 1.59 billion daily active users. Almost everyone has a Facebook account, from business people to students. Therefore, no matter who your target customer is, they will definitely use Facebook.

Use eye-catching images

A beautiful picture is worth a thousand words. Your customers will immediately ignore the ad without reading if it does not have a good image. At this time, the experience of running Facebook ads requires the use of high-quality images, eye-catching colors to attract customers at first sight.