In the era of explosive information technology, Google is the most popular search engine. This tool page opens up the opportunity to reach a large number of customers for businesses on digital platforms.

Advertising on Google, also known as Google Ads, helps to reach customers quickly and thoroughly, bringing many benefits to businesses. With the Google Ads ecosystem, you can reach virtually anywhere your potential audience appears.

Google owns a huge data collection, user behavior. As a result, Google ads will be displayed more effectively to the audiences related to the keywords you have set up.


Advertising Remarketing

You may not know, according to a recent study by Google, up to 96% of potential users who clicked on an ad led to the home website, or went directly to the web for the first time, but it did not lead. to conversion (order generation, leave a consultation message,…)....
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Google Search Ads

google (Google Search) is a form of advertising provided by Google on the search engine (Google search) . When a searcher types a search query, Google returns search results in the form of an ad that shows true or approximate terms related to your ad's keywords. Example: you need to search...
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Google display ads

Google Display Network Ads can help you reach people while they are:  Browse on favorite sitesWatch YouTube videosCheck Gmail accountOr while they're on mobile devices and mobile apps.vv Google Display Network Ads are designed to help you find the right audience. This network's targeting options allow you to strategically show your message...
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In fact, any business now benefits from running ads on google. However, to know that this form is really effective or not depends a lot on the strategy of each business.

For businesses that know how to build an effective advertising strategy, they will think that choosing the form of running ads from google is very effective. However, businesses that do not know how to build a good advertising strategy not only spend a large amount of money but also do not bring the best advertising effect.

Many units when building a good advertising plan from google will bring very high efficiency. Not only spend a small amount of advertising costs, but also help the product come closer to customers. It can be said that this is what any business wants. However, not all businesses can do it.


Advertise at the right time customers search

Did you know 80% of people before buying something go online to search for information about the product. When you run ads on this major search channel, your products will appear at the right time that customers search. This will help you get closer to your customers

Ads appear on multiple Google partner platforms

Not only appear on the Google search network, but Google Ads ads also appear on partner platforms with google such as: Search Network, GDN (Google display network: this is a method of advertising on Google through Google) the use of banners), Forums, YouTube Videos and Google partner sites.