SEO WEBSITE service includes methods to help improve the quality and improve the ranking of the website on search engine results pages. Because the higher the website ranks, the more potential customers it has.

ADVIET MEDIA believes that with its overall SEO & WEBSITE service, it will be the solution to help your website develop comprehensively, become a sales channel capable of attracting quality leads in a sustainable way and grow. convert & revenue!


What is On-Page SEO?

Onpage SEO  is the work to do to optimize the display elements right on the website. The goal of this is to help the web improve its search engine rankings. From there, the website attracts more traffic, has more opportunities to reach potential customers. For Google search engine Optimize Onpage...
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What is Off-page SEO?

Usually, after optimizing for Onpage SEO, you need Offpage SEO for keywords you want to push to the top. So what is Offpage SEO and how to get the best results? Offpage SEO is work  Build external links pointing to your website. The purpose is to increase the system of...
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What is Overall SEO?

From my practice shows that 30% of traffic to the website is from the homepage and the rest is on specific pages. Users tend to search for specific keywords rather than spending time searching for general keywords. Here are the enormous benefits that overall SEO brings when we apply SEO...
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NOTE : The above SEO quotation is only approximate. Depending on many indicators such as the difficulty of the content, the category, the status of the website, etc. and the requirements of the business, we can advise SEO quote the most accurate . Please contact for detailed advice.


DSEO service is a keyword and an industry quite hot in the era when Digital Marketing  is the current and future trend. This is a search engine marketing service helps all businesses reach out to their customers by introducing information about their products and services on their website.

Thanks to SEO services Many businesses, especially small and medium-sized businesses have been known, since then, revenue has grown significantly. This is because their website has been optimized for SEO standards and has good rankings on search engines, especially Google.


Many businesses think that after setting up a new Website, they do not need SEO yet, wait a few months for stability before starting to work. This is not a completely wrong view, but it is not optimal. You need to always prepare what is necessary for the process of conquering your customers. 

As soon as you have a Website you need to do SEO, prepare the foundation starting from configuration, content, to standard SEO techniques. You can rest assured that the results will be faster than if you discovered it after 3-4 months of having a new Website to start SEO.

But again, SEO is a long-term resistance and don’t expect immediate results but be patient. That’s why SEO is so essential.