Personnel positions in airports and aircraft

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What are the positions of personnel in the airport and aircraft? What do those jobs do? What to study to be able to work in the airport? Let ADVIET answer the above questions for you. .


In the first indispensable position is the Pilot. Is the job of piloting an aircraft to transport passengers, parcels or goods, etc.

The pilot’s duty: prepare, schedule the flight plan. Check the number of passengers, the amount of fuel, the weight of the cargo, the plane’s dashboard, the condition of the equipment, etc. During the flight, the pilot controls the aircraft according to the instructions of the air traffic station, in accordance with safety procedures, providing passengers with information about the flight, weather conditions, and stops during the journey. etc… To become a pilot, you must pass a rigorous entrance exam with tests on health, knowledge and foreign languages, combine study with hundreds of hours of test flight before you officially get your license. fly the plane in hand.

flight attendant

As an indispensable position in aircraft personnel. Flight attendants are the face and image of the airline. When flying to the world, flight attendants are the face of the whole country. Flight attendants will serve the crew members and passengers on the plane with jobs such as: : check tickets, guide and monitor the safety of passengers, serve meals during the flight, help passengers in need of special care such as children, pregnant women,…

Flight attendant
Flight attendant

Requirements for flight attendants are good health, good communication skills, tact, openness, calm, ability to work under high pressure, time coordination, etc… Age Working position, height and weight are limited in each job position according to the regulations of each airline.


Checking passengers on the plane, checking in and checking luggage for guests. Pre-qualification requirements: high school graduate, have some additional certificates required by airlines, fluent in English, computer, good health, good hearing.


A person who monitors and directly guides the direction of aircraft at the airport within the flight path, prevents collisions between aircraft, coordinates search and rescue operations when there is a problem. Student. Load balancer: is to calculate the actual weight of passengers, luggage, cargo, parcels for the aircraft, plan and chart the queue, calculate fuel. Requires fluent English, good computer skills, calculation skills, good organization and arrangement.


Maintaining and repairing the engine, fuselage, cabin, systems in the aircraft, wings and other components in the aircraft. These engineers work directly outside the airport in noisy, fast-paced, all-weather conditions. They work mainly during office hours, but there are also urgent cases where they have to work overtime, on holidays or public holidays.


In Vietnam, the current training ground for flight attendants and human resources for Vietnam’s aviation industry is the Vietnam Aviation Academy at the address: 104 Nguyen Van Troi, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam Aviation Academy is a place to provide human resources for fields in the aviation industry with training in fields such as flight management, business administration, electronic and telecommunications engineering technology, business English. commercial,…


Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airlines is the first airline established in Vietnam since 1956. Vietnam Airlines officially became the national airline of Vietnam representing Vietnam in terms of high-class aviation services. level.
Criteria for selecting flight attendants of Vietnam Airlines are as follows:
– Age: male from 20 to 28 years old, female from 20 to 26 years old;
– Height : male from 1m65 – 1m82, female from 1m58 – 1m75 and;
– Good-looking, balanced appearance.
– Have a transparent background;
– Have good health
– Qualification Education:
+ Candidates who have graduated from high school, priority is given to candidates who have graduated from intermediate schools, universities, colleges;
+ Have a minimum TOEIC certificate of 550 or TOEFL Paper 500, TOEFL IBT 61, TOEFL CBT 173 or minimum IELTS 5.0; Priority will be given to candidates with other foreign languages ​​such as Japanese, Korean, French, German, Russian.

VietJet Air

Established in 2013, VietJet Air has become the first private airline in Vietnam and is gradually gaining the trust of customers.
The requirements that VietJet makes when recruiting. as follows:
– At least graduated from high school;
– Male height is from 1m70 to 1m80, female is from 1m60 to 1m75; Balanced appearance.
– No tattoos on the body;
– Good English communication ability. Have a TOEIC certificate with a minimum of 500 points;
– Friendly attitude towards customers.

Tiếp viên hàng không Vietjet Air
Vietjet Air flight attendants

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