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  • Press advertising  has a long life, is the first type of advertising that companies think of in advertising campaigns.
  • < li>Newspapers are a good way to reach a large number of consumers, especially those aged 45 and over who tend to read newspapers more often than young people who only get their news from the media. Image or Internet is an effective communication channel.
  • This is a way to bring the name, brand and products of companies to customers quickly and widely.

1.2 Advertisement in newspapers

Advertising in newspapers  As a traditional advertising method, newspapers are a type of mass media with large circulation, wide exposure, and content. centralization, etc. In addition, newspapers also have high flexibility, reliability, low cost, easy storage and can be circulated for a long time. With VivaViet’s advertising booking service, it will allow businesses to choose to advertise in famous newspapers and magazines, with the following services: Banner ads, images on major newspapers. Write PR articles to advertise your products and services.

Advertising in newspapers is a traditional advertising service. The power of the press is enormous. The press is also known as the fourth power, after the separation of powers, capable of monitoring government activities as well as shaping public opinion. Applying for a license to advertise in newspapers is very cumbersome in terms of legal procedures. Understanding those difficulties of customers, Toan Long Law would like to introduce the service of Apply for a license to advertise in newspapers with simple procedures to meet your requirements.

  • Paper advertising always has a loyal readership and is an effective support tool for businesses.
  • Coming to translation With MVL Agency’s newspaper advertising service, businesses will be consulted on suitable newspaper channels and choose a reasonable advertising cost.
  • MVL Agency provides various forms of newspaper advertising. paper such as: banner ads, images, product PR articles.
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Quảng cáo trên báo giấy

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