What is Facebook Seeding?

Seeding is a familiar term used a lot in the field of Marketing to attract and direct the crowd very effectively. If you ignore seeding, you are considered to have reduced the marketing effectiveness of your business by 50%.

Talking about Facebook seeding, it can be roughly understood that it is how you create yourself different Facenook accounts and then use these accounts to chat, make virtual comments in articles to create effects, build trust and attract customers’ interest in the products and services being advertised. In addition, Facebook seeding is also considered a form of PR for articles so that those posts can be exciting and attract customers.

2. The importance of Facebook Seeding?

Instead of implementing expensive advertising campaigns, most marketers choose Facebook seeding as a channel to promote products and brands to customers more effectively. Here are some benefits that Facebook seeding brings to users:

  • Attracting people, mentioning information and integrating the promotion of products/services of the business to customers.
  • Encouraging exchanges, stimulating customers increase the ability to go viral, give them trust, increase awareness of products/services to convert into orders.
  • Increasing the ability to top the business with keywords , attracting traffic from Google through topics to help information spread better.
  • Increasing brand recognition to customers and helping them know the brand image, direct customers to do something.
  • Make your article more prominent and increase brand searchability so that customers can easily access your products/services .
  • Create a source of quality backlinks, to bring high value as a resource for the company’s SEO work, and at the same time affirm the position of the business.

3. Types of Seeding Facebook?

The purpose of seeding is to sell or share useful information to attract customers interested in the brand of your business. For each product/service, there will be different forms of seeding. Here are some popular Facebook seeding types used by many people today.

seeding facebook la gi

Seeding discussion

This is the creation of shared comments, lively exchanges around the content of the posts as well as exploiting the brand’s characteristics, thereby creating a trusting psychology for advertising posts.

Seding Order

This is a way for you to direct customers to automatically leave address information, order phone numbers or give specific situations thanks to the consultation page.

Seeding FAQ

Create question and answer comments about products to attract readers’ attention and curiosity in a positive way. At the same time, help customers understand more about the products/services you provide.

Seeding consulting

Create  Make experiential comments, actual reviews to provide necessary and useful shaping knowledge about products/services to readers.

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