What is Off-page SEO?

Usually, after optimizing for Onpage SEO, you need Offpage SEO for keywords you want to push to the top. So what is Offpage SEO and how to get the best results?

Offpage SEO is work  Build external links pointing to your website. The purpose is to increase the system of quality links pointing to the landing page from other websites to promote your keywords.

Seo Offpage là gì? Cách tối ưu Seo Offpage hiệu quả?

2. How to do SEO Offpage most effectively?

Before doing Offpage SEO

First, we need to prepare for the target platform with important factors: optimize Onpage well and identify the main keywords you want to push to the top to use in the anchor text when building backlinks, .. to Do the best link building.

Next, you need to determine if the anchor text you will use to create backlinks is really the main keyword or not, is it the right keyword you want to rank for or not. And the other important thing you should check is the quality of the website you will create backlinks with is of sufficient quality, not spam, the content is relevant to yours?

Seo Offpage là gì? Cách tối ưu Seo Offpage hiệu quả?

When starting to do Offpage SEO

– You should put backlinks on high PR (reliability) pages, small alexa (meaning a lot of visits).
– When I put the backlink, then pay attention to see if the page has leave the rel= ‘nofollow’ attribute to no. Dofollow is better when you do backlinks. Because dofollow  will count backlinks and nofollow you only get direct traffic,  ;only makes sense for readers and Google will calculate your website’s ranking when placing links to your other pages if you set dofollow.
– Avoid websites that change content frequently, have a lot of flash, website with obscene content.
– Placing on .edu or .gov websites is very beneficial because Search engines appreciate links from this site.
– Placing on websites with Age (age) )  As much as possible, age is a factor for Google to evaluate the ranking of a website.

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