Google Search Ads

google (Google Search) is a form of advertising provided by Google on the search engine (Google search) . When a searcher types a search query, Google returns search results in the form of an ad that shows true or approximate terms related to your ad’s keywords.

Example: you need to search “English Learning Center”. Looking at the image below, you will see that the first search results with the word [QC] are all in the form of search ads displayed with keywords, keyword phrases, and text.

Search ads are often focused on getting people to take action, such as clicking on your ad or calling your business. These campaigns show ads to people who are actively searching for information.

When someone is intentionally searching for a product or service like yours, they are more likely to find your google business ad helpful and will click.

*New Google Adwords Ads Update: Google has updated “phrase match keywords” and “broad modified match keywords” according to which queries with the term will also show up with your ad. Example:

  • With a phrase match keyword, the keyword you request to advertise with is “lawn mowing service”, Google will also show ads your ad with the query “grass cutting service near me”.
  • With broad modification match keyword, the keyword you requested to advertise includes < em>“lawn”, “mowing”, “service”, Google will also show your ad with the query “service to mow my land”.

Responsive Search Ads (RSA) allows machine learning to be used to display multiple text and multiple messages more relevant to your potential customers.

Specifically, when using responsive search ads you can enter more lines in both body and headline. The system also immediately uses machine learning to generate multiple ad variations. From there, based on user search queries and Google ads continuously test and determine the most effective combinations. What is the market trend, what do users prefer…

Google representatives also shared that: RSA improves business advertising performance, saves time in dealing with changing market problems and flexibility by improving clicks. and convert up to 10%.

quang cao tim kiem thich ung

One more feature,  “responsive search ads” also launched by Google with the ability to combine titles and descriptions automatically to build a new, more optimized ad.

Quảng cáo tìm kiếm thích ứng - Google update 2020

Where do search ads appear on Google ?

There are up to 7 display placements in all for search ads:

  • first 4 positions
  • last 3 positions on a Google page.

7 these positions will remain fixed when you click to the following pages. However, the number of positions google search ads may display less than 7 (2.3 positions) depending on the field/industry and competition.

vị trí quảng cáo google search

7 vị trí quảng cáo google search

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