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The booking service Television advertising always holds the top position for businesses even when social advertising is widely used. Vietstarmax provides popular forms of television advertising such as TV commercials, corporate films, pop ups, logos, etc., providing high brand communication capabilities with huge discounts for businesses.


Booking TV ads, also known as buying TV advertising time, allows businesses to broadcast their Ads as TVCs or movies introducing themselves on all TV channels up to the winter. Attract people to see and know the brand of the business through that Ad.

Increasing brand awareness, leading market share and brand for your products.

Ads appear on reputable TV channels to help brands quickly reach consumers

Increasing brand reputation and motivating consumers to buy.

Helps the audience feel secure to trust their products when advertised on National Television Stations.

Ads on television appear synchronously with other advertising media on the media system

Common types of TV commercials

  • advertising TVC: The form of advertising broadcasts videos about services and products of the business with a short duration of 15s, 30s and 45s. TVC advertising is often used by businesses due to its ability to convey messages through concise, concise, easy-to-remember images and sounds.
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  • Corporate self-introduction film: has a longer duration than TV commercials, usually 2-5 minutes. Show full details about the business and convey the message of the brand and reputation.
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  • < strong>Advertisement by Pop up: This form of TV ad booking is the size of ⅛ of the screen with a duration of 5s. Runs side-by-side with TV programs.
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  • Image Ads: Usually appear at the end of programs with a duration of 3-5s and usually only shown with images , music (no voice)
  • Simple informational advertisement: This form of advertising is suitable for invitations, information recruitment announcements, festival attendance, bidding package announcements, or information about trade cooperation promotion, etc.

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