Using millions of LED light bulbs, with the ability to present attractive images and videos, LED Building screen advertising is considered one of the most impressive and classy outdoor advertising forms. now.

What is the difference between LED Building advertising and conventional LED screens? What attractive communication advantages do they possess? Where are the impressive LED Building performances. Let’s find out with Unique through the following article.

A brief introduction to LED Building advertising

In the world and in Vietnam, some large buildings are often equipped with LED lighting systems to decorate or display videos and images on special occasions.

From a distance, LED Building gives the impression that this is a giant screen surrounding the building. However LED Building is not a screen and it is also different from ordinary outdoor advertising LED screens.

Advertising LED display is assembled from smaller LED panels (called LED modules) and is composed of many small LED points. When not broadcasting, one can still see the shape of a large screen. And LED Building,  to be more precise, the LED lighting system for the building, using hundreds of thousands to millions of LED bulbs put together in LED strips. and these LED strips are arranged around the building (can be vertical strip or horizontal strip) by a certain distance. When inactive, this LED system is almost invisible, does not form a specific screen, does not affect the visibility of the rooms inside the building.

Led building tại Seoul Square, Hàn Quốc

LED Building is made up of millions of small LED bulbs, almost invisible during the day, only working at night

Thanks to the ability to glow brightly, buildings often use LED light systems to illuminate at night for decorative purposes, creating a beautiful scene. Some large buildings located in prime locations are also used to display advertising images and videos of brands.

In Vietnam, the two most popular LED Building screens are LED Building at TNR Tower (Hanoi) and Landmark 81 (HCMC). However, at present, only LED Building TNR Tower allows to broadcast advertising of brands, and LED Building of Landmark81 is used for light projection purposes.

Led Building Landmark81

LED Building Landmark81 for lighting and decoration at night

Impressive advantages of LED Building advertising

Class and grandeur are the first two adjectives when it comes to LED Building advertising. And this is also one of the expensive forms of outdoor advertising, which can reach hundreds of millions for a month of advertising. Usually, brands will not deploy this form for a long time because of the high cost, but instead deploy it in the short term and use images and videos to go viral on social networks.

The size of the LED Building screens is really huge, although it depends on the size of the building, almost any LED Building screen is up to thousands of square meters in size.

For example, LED Building TNR Tower covers the entire 30-storey building with 3 display faces of super size. The front face has an area of ​​6,480m2, the other two sides have an area of ​​3,510m2/face. Thanks to that, LED Building ads have extremely good visibility, so that people on the road can still easily see the broadcast content from kilometers away.

quang cao Led Building TNR Tower

LED Building TNR Tower broadcasts advertising of brands

The ability to shine brightly is also a plus point to keep advertising on LED Building always alive, helping the brand stand out and attract the attention of a large number of passersby.

However, note that LED Building advertising is only broadcast at night, and during the day it does not work because the LED strip is not bright enough. Besides, LED Building has disadvantages in terms of visibility, the distance between LED strips will make it difficult for advertising content to be fully displayed, if the TVC design has too many small details, when shown on LED Building will be hidden, or difficult to see.

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