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1. What is PR Service Booking online newspaper?

PR Booking is an abbreviation of Booking Public Relations, which is a form of ordering and posting articles to promote products/services, brands  of individuals and businesses on online press and media channels in order to the purpose of serving marketing goals.

Online newspaper PR advertising is being chosen by many businesses because it both helps to create close relationships with the community and helps increase the reputation of products/services with customers.

2. The benefits of Press Booking.

When you use the form of Press Booking – Press PR, it brings many unexpected effects such as:

+ Booking online newspapers, PR in newspapers is an optimal solution to help customers gain more trust, through great PR articles to help increase brand recognition, create prestige to the public without spending too much. cost.

+ Increase the trust of customers, create proof for products and businesses when published on major newspapers.

+ Help promote the brand to many different audiences, increase brand awareness for businesses effectively.

+ In a short time, products and services have been reached to a large number of customers. Create an effective PR strategy to potential customers.

+ Helps the article have the opportunity to be at the top of search and with effective PR articles in the press also contributes to increasing visits to the company’s website.

+ Through advertisements, businesses will help businesses understand how customers need products with your brand to have the best orientation in the future.

+ Is a necessary condition to make a green tick on Facebook because Facebook needs to confirm the influence and authenticity of the subject of the profile, fanpage needs to verify the green tick through the press.

loi ich khi booking bao chi

3. Press Booking Service – Professional press service

You want to book online newspaper but don’t know how?

You don’t know which newspaper article your business is suitable for?

How to post articles to optimize costs and bring high efficiency?

Posting PR articles in the right time frame, what time is it?

Please contact ADVIET MEDIA, besides providing  advertising services we will be the bridge for your branded products service articles to be advertised on newspaper pages.  ;

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