What is Facebook interaction?

Facebook interaction is any action a user takes on a personal Facebook page, fanpage or on a post. Types of Facebook interactions can be mentioned such as like, comment, share or tag, checkin,… 

Facebook Engagement is important because it helps your page expand organic reach.

  • Facebook Engagement boosts your post’s position on users’ News Feeds based on Facebook’s algorithm.
  • Likes and shares will take your posts forward. reach more people. According to research, every 1 like, comment and share will help your post reach 6-7 new users. Interactions are a way to increase reach at no extra cost.
tăng tương tác trên facebook

Interact on facebook to attract shoppers

Every share, comment not only helps increase reach, but also increases brand awareness on Facebook and is the best way to help natural communication.

If the post receives a lot of likes, comments and shares, proving the influence and prestige of a big brand, customers will trust the information and products provided more. So how to increase Facebook interaction? How to increase Facebook sales interaction?

2. How to increase interaction on personal Facebook

According to Facebook’s algorithm, posts from personal accounts are always prioritized to show more on News Feed than fanpage posts.

So, selling on personal Facebook is effective if you know how to increase interaction on personal Facebook to reach more potential customers and get more orders.

So how to increase personal Facebook interaction? Here are some of the latest numbers of ways to increase personal Facebook interactions latest that you should apply now!

2.1. Build a reputable personal profile

If you want to increase your personal Facebook interactions, you need to build your personal reputation on Facebook first. Here are some tips to help you optimize your personal profile to sell on Facebook:

  • Display Name: You should put your real name and full name, if you have a nickname, you can add it in the settings.
  • <3 “virtual” reduces personal credibility.
  • Cover image: This is a “good” place to let people know what you are selling, you can use product photos, add contact phone numbers, etc., but remember to design your photos in the correct size!
  • Complete personal information: You need to complete the following steps: information in the introduction such as school, job, place of residence, phone number… The more information you provide, the more customers have a basis for trust when visiting your personal page.
  • Enable follow: Make sure your follow mode is always on so anyone can click to follow you. The more followers you have, the more reputable your account is, and the more people trust and buy it.
  • Friend list public key:  Friends list is a list of potential customers when selling on personal Facebook. If left public, competitors can easily enter and get customer information by making friends with your own friends list. Therefore, please block your Facebook friends list publicly!

This is just the first step in how to increase interaction on personal Facebook, next you need to expand the set of potential customers and post sales on Facebook so that it is very attractive. Let’s continue!

2.2. Make friends with potential customers

The sales potential on personal Facebook is known, now how to find customers? When selling on personal Facebook, customers are friends in the friend list.

The more friends you have, the more likely your post will reach more people and increase your personal Facebook interactions.

kết bạn ở khách hàng tiềm năng

It sounds simple, but getting other people to agree to make friends is not easy, especially when you are still a stranger on social networks. In order for them to agree to make friends, you first need to build a reputable and reliable personal page for sales by regularly posting, sharing useful information,…

2.3. Post sales on personal Facebook

After you have successfully made friends with potential customers, your job is now just to post the sale. The way to increase personal Facebook interaction is to post regularly, posting content should alternate between sales posts and posts that are entertaining or share useful information,…

In order for the content on the personal page to be diversified, not just for sales.

3. How to increase interaction for sales fanpage

Selling on fanpage is the most popular way to sell on Facebook today. According to the new algorithm, Facebook is increasingly tightening the reach to the posts of fanpages, so you need to apply a  number of tricks to increase Facebook engagement for posts.

3.1. Understanding user psychology helps increase effective interaction

What factors are Facebook users most often attracted to? Pictures, emotions or videos?

There are some types of posts that will get huge shares, comments or likes, for example posts with images increase engagement by 39%; Posts under 250 characters get 60% more interest, or using emojis increase comments by 33%.

Bí quyết tăng lượng tương tác bài viết trên facebook

Capture user habits to know how to increase Facebook engagement

These numbers may sound exaggerated, but let’s stand from the user’s perspective and judge for yourself how often you like and comment on status lines.

In fact, the fanpages and articles that receive great attention, follow, and have a high amount of interaction all exploit user psychology well.

3.2. Share useful content

One way or another, the content conveyed is still the core factor that attracts viewers. Images and videos that are funny, stupid, unique, and strange can receive a large amount of interaction, but it usually only lasts for a short time and only on that post.

A fanpage with good interaction will receive a large number of likes, comments and shares every post uploaded. So how to increase Facebook sales interaction effectively for fanpages?

Chia sẻ nội dung hữu ích

Share useful content

Before you share content on Facebook think about “What value do they get from this content?”. To be liked by fans, that content must have positive value, worthy of being spread on the community.

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