What is Overall SEO?

From my practice shows that 30% of traffic to the website is from the homepage and the rest is on specific pages. Users tend to search for specific keywords rather than spending time searching for general keywords.

Here are the enormous benefits that overall SEO brings when we apply SEO

  1. What are the overall SEO benefits?
    Traffic is constantly increasing, overall SEO gives you many ways to reach customers. Of course, it will lead to a constant increase in traffic.

Let’s say this for reality. When they want to buy a product, customers learn many aspects. It can be searching for keywords about price, area… Besides, keywords spread about comments, reviews, origin, usage … of the product are also topics that customers are very interested in when search.

Meanwhile, keyword SEO only focuses on some sales keywords. Thus, you still have traffic, but the amount of traffic from spread keywords has not yet been obtained. If you do the whole thing, you will expand your reach, bringing in more traffic.

  1. Enhance competitiveness
    In essence, the school is always competitive, so is SEO. Large, well-invested businesses can step up marketing to outdo their competitors. But this is not easy for small and medium enterprises if you do not have your own direction.

Countless sales keywords in their field are being devoted by many companies to do long-term SEO. When you also conduct SEO similar to many people do before, it is very difficult to get high results.

But you can create power, competition from the niche market by spreading keywords. This is a market that is still untapped. Moreover, it has a lot of problems to exploit if you capture the psychology and buying behavior of users in your field of business.

  1. Unaffected when Google algorithm updates
    Every time Google releases a new update, many websites drop Top. With overall SEO will help avoid this risk.

In fact, keyword SEO still has content investment, but the most important is building a backlink system to push Top. Backlink has great effects, but it also brings many risks, causing the website to drop in rankings.

But when SEO comprehensive website, invest a lot of content on all pages. This will make the entire network of pages on the website linked, optimizing the website to be stronger. And most of all, content is always the “backbone” in every update. Good content for users, search engines will recognize, appreciate and “reward” the right position.

  1. Cost optimization
    SEO keyword costs are usually calculated by the number of keywords.

Or you have your own SEO staff, you still pay monthly. But when they receive keyword SEO requests, they only focus on the keywords that are suggested to the Top. As for the overall SEO requirements, it will optimize everything on the page related to the keyword.

Thus, with the same amount of money, you can do more useful things, promote better sales. Is that considered savings?

In general, SEO brings benefits to websites and businesses. But with overall employment, the benefits will be much higher.

If anyone has ever done overall SEO and found its other valuable effects, don’t forget to share it so everyone can feel it!

  1. What are the overall SEO benefits? Target the right target customers
    Whether you do keyword seo or general seo or use modern marketing methods, the ultimate goal is still to target customers who need to use the products and services your company is providing.

Overall SEO helps your website dominate hundreds, thousands of keywords on the top are niche keywords, keywords that customers really need to search.

For example, if you want to make cabbage kimchi, what will you search for when you go to Google, you will definitely search with the keyword: “make cabbage kimchi” rather than “delicious food” and What you need to find will be right in front of your eyes. A customer needs to buy an Iphone, they will search for “Iphone 8 or iphone x” but not “phone”….

How to perform overall SEO?
To do good overall SEO requires SEOers to have a standard SEO process, a standard SEO process will help SEOer easier in his work, help the website develop in the best and most sustainable way. SEO process a standard website that overall SEO can apply:

Step 1: Analyze Website
Step 2: Research and analyze keywords
Step 3: Research your competitors
Step 4: Optimizing onpage based on website analysis
Step 5: Optimize website structure and content
Step 6: Submit your website to search engines
Step 7: Build Backlinks (links)
Step 8: Promote Website

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