What is the difference between online advertising and offline advertising?

When you are still wondering whether to choose online advertising or offline advertising for each of your campaigns, first of all you need to know How is online advertising and offline advertising different. There is no exact answer that  online advertising  is good or offline advertising is good, but depending on each case and specific use needs, marketers will choose for themselves the appropriate type of advertising.

What is Online Advertising and Offline Advertising?

Online advertising, also known as PR onlineonline advertising, is a form of marketing use the internet environment to bring messages about products and services to customers.

Offline advertising  is a traditional advertising method, the purpose is the same as online advertising, all bring messages about translated products. Services come to customers, but not based on the internet, but through media such as newspapers, magazines, television, radio, banners, etc.

Difference between online advertising and offline advertising

1.About the ability to target the right customers

Access to customers is an important goal that every advertising campaign must achieve. In online advertising people easily reach more customers than offline advertising. Because today’s users largely use the internet for work as well as entertainment, it’s easier for marketers to target the right things.

<3 Surely it will not be possible to know if my target customers are seeing my ads, who is watching my ads, not classifying customers who see ads, etc. But with online advertising, businesses certainly can. Businesses will be classified by age, gender, occupation, etc. of customers that our products and services are aimed at, thereby, reaching customers more easily.

But for reaching customers, quantity is not as important as quality. Targeting the right audience will increase the user-to-customer conversion rate.

2.User interaction

Online advertising includes: Search ads, smart phone ads, banner ads, Email Marketing, social networks, youtube, etc. all have two-way interaction between the user and the provider. That interaction happens immediately when the business has just broadcast the ad.

And offline ads  can’t do that. When it comes to interactions between users and businesses, it takes a long time for customers to respond by email or call, etc.

3.Ability to monitor and measure campaigns

With online advertising, businesses will easily know immediately whether the results of their campaigns are successful or unsuccessful. By the way businesses will continuously monitor the advertising process. Report how many views, how many clicks, how many customers buy, etc.

As for offline advertising, From the very beginning, businesses certainly did not know how many people saw their ads, the satisfaction of those viewers, whether they were affected or not. Does your ad influence a purchase, etc.

Due to the inability to measure campaign results, businesses will not know if their campaign is right or wrong, should stop or should continue to develop, etc.

4.Occurrence and spread rate

Online advertising allows your business’s ads to be displayed 24/7, the speed of spreading is very fast. And offline ads  on the contrary, ads rarely appear and spread very slowly. For example, advertising on TV, is not always broadcast, the frequency of broadcast must also be shared with the ads of other businesses.

5.Ad costs

Online advertising helps businesses save costs more effectively than offline advertising. Meanwhile, the effectiveness of  online advertising  is rated many times higher than offline advertising. Therefore, today online advertising  is becoming an inevitable trend chosen by many businesses.

However, that does not mean that online advertising will completely replace offline advertising. The difference we have mentioned above is for reference only. Businesses can choose for themselves the appropriate type. The choice of online or offline advertising depends on the advertising purposes and needs of each specific business.

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